Yesterday is Over and Done With. Today is the Most Important Day

Yesterday I worked on linking my blog to my Facebook page. It didn’t work. Today I did it!

Tomorrow I will probably spend my day working on taxes, but today, I did something really important to help grow my business. I linked my work to my Facebook page. Now you can visit today, tomorrow, and every day. When today ends, I will have a great deal to do tomorrow.

Every day you wake up, likely you say to yourself, I don’t want to. Elizabeth Taylor told us to do it anyway. If you don’t do anything today, tomorrow you’ll have that much more to do. So make today an important day. You don’t need need to dive out of bed, but get out of bed with a purpose.

Yesterday is long gone. Today is short. It’s only 24 hours long. Before you know it today becomes yesterday.

We all tell ourselves that we should have done that yesterday, so why didn’t we? I know why. Because we’ll do it tomorrow. That’s what we tell ourselves. But then tomorrow arrives and we put it off. Trust me when I say this. Tomorrow never comes. Do it today. Live today. Love it. Give yourself the reward of having it done.

The Beatles say a song called Yesterday. The words were something like Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Roy Clark sang Yesterday when I was young. We were all young yesterday. Finally, John Michael Montgomery sang Time Flies. The song compares the clock to the years. I understand it completely. I’m 52. I clearly recall things that are long since over. I miss some of them. I mostly miss the times when things were easier and fun. But, that time passes. We must move on to today, and after that, tomorrow.

If you’re young, you say to yourself I’ve got plenty of time. As you age, you think to yourself where did the time go. Do as much as you can today. Make it the most important day of your life. Live it and love it.

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  1. When people ask me how I’m doing, I al ways remember that I was given another day on this plane, and so many others didn’t get to wake up at all, then I tell them I was given today as a gift and that is why today is called the present.

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