Luci, my dog, is a Cane Corso

We got her when she was a puppy from a customer of the Philadelphia Housing Authority.  She was all legs when we brought her home.

She was terrified of the grass because it was something she had never seen. My husband placed her on it and her fear instantly dissolved. She still fears people, despite the fact that she has met many.

We believe her fear comes from a customer at PetSmart who would not leave us alone. She informed us that she was a dog expert but showed no indication of it when she grabbed Luci and continued insisting she was an expert. My husband and I were shocked that she actually conned herself into believing this. I was not going to tolerate her anymore and informed her that my dog was obviously terrified. Her eyes were as big as saucers. The woman finally relented and put Luci down. I think she knew she had pushed us way too far.

Luci has since shown proof that she no longer feels safe in PetSmart. This is a shame since most dogs love it there, but her memory of the psychotic customer remains strong. An employee attempted to help her calm down that day, but her stubby remained between her legs.

People who come up to her meet her wrath. Yes, dogs do remember crazy people and crazy incidents.

Cane Corso dogs are bred to guard.  She guards out of fear for herself, unfortunately. Boarding her is difficult for her. She sits in the corner of her cage shaking the whole time she is there. I’m told she is slowly getting better.

I have hope that she will find that humans are not her enemy someday. We took her for a walk in the park yesterday and she enjoyed herself. She was impressed by the horse and rider who rode through. The girl slowed down to talk and Luci did not bark. I believe that was a good sign. We believe that the more we walk with her, the less fear she will show. We also believe that we need to be more aware of impending people who are potential problems for her. In time she may learn to trust again.

We had another small dog whom she got along wonderfully with. The other dog passed away and she still misses him. The cat and the dog are slowly learning to get along. The cat is my boy and the dog is my husband’s. Luci seems to want my attention as my husband is away most of the time, but when he gets home, Dino shows herself in my dog.

Yes, I love my Cane Corso. She is my little girl.



Changes are Going On and On and On

Changes in my life have been rapid. Changes around me are occurring almost constantly. Technology is hard to keep up with. Learning how to manage this site has been challenging, but fun. In order to market it, I have been spending more time on Facebook than ever, also I have been educating myself about effective ways to control anxiety without drugs.

Anxiety is brought on by extreme changes many times. So, how do I control it? I do yoga, I read, I play video games, I clean, and I embrace modern technology. Each thing I do gets my mind off the thing that created my PTST. Helping others has probably been the most effective thus far.

I’m looking forward to Spring, so I can go on walks and increase my exercise substantially. My husband and I are looking forward to walking the dog on weekends in the local parks. She needs more of our attention. She has taken whining to extremes which make it hard to deal with her. Hugging her helps, as does petting her. I think she gets lonely and really wants us to focus on her. With life being as busy as it can be, she gets forgotten. She deserves better, so if this weekend is nice, maybe we will take her to the park and exercise all of us.

Helping others makes my anxiety fade away. That is a refreshing feeling. I feel almost normal once again. A friend told me that I would change and I wouldn’t recognize myself after a year or so, and I definitely can say that I have changed and I am truly thankful that I have.

Some days I feel like dancing endlessly because I feel like I have found what I was looking for my whole life. I’m home. It feels great!

I’m getting to know more people and finding out that I have a reason to be here. I am just in awe at the number of people who feel challenged by all that life has handed them. I am no longer alone! Just because others don’t have a PTSD diagnosis doesn’t mean that life is great. It just means that they haven’t been diagnosed.

Research is a huge way to learn, so I am reading and following many web sites which talk about anxiety. There is an incredible amount of knowledge out there and more to be learned. Keep your eyes pealed.

A few days ago, students walked out of their classrooms for 17 minutes to remember 17 teenagers who were shot to death. The strength the young people involved have shown regarding this incident is impressive. They are battling the status quo and making people pay attention. Congratulations to them! They are showing what people can do when they join to resolve issues. I am impressed.

Life continues and in some ways I fear further changes and in other ways, I am looking forward to what happens next. Let’s see.






Someone please tell me Why?

Why not find better ways to work through your issues? You have a voice. Speak out. I’m hoping that together we can find answers to the problem. We need to find the answers before the next shooting occurs. We have so much to be thankful for, but not everyone believes this to be true.

Why is it a shock that young people today have issues with educational institutions? Is it possible that there is a bigger problem in the school system than parents or teachers realize?

I created this website to help people deal with anger and depression. If you are that close to shooting your neighbor or classmate, do me a favor and talk to someone. If that someone doesn’t have the time, please contact me. Nothing good can come from shooting people you don’t like/ The first thing that will happen is the police will arrest you. The second thing that will happen is you will undergo psychological counseling. If they find you need help, you will be locked up in an insane asylum. If they don’t, you’re off to the big house aka prison. I would rather help you stop the nightmare that will ruin your life.

Let’s first of all remember something. You likely have enough to eat. You probably have a roof over your head. If someone is bullying you, you have many options that will help you resolve the problem. When I was in high school, we have guidance counselors. Speak to one of them or talk to your parents. Take a self defense course. Your bully would not expect you to use self defense methods to protect yourself. Another thing is to talk to your friends. Many times friends are your best defense. Bullies back off when you have friends surrounding you. Those are just a few suggestions to help you cope with bullies.

If it’s not bullies, maybe it’s a teacher. Speak to the teacher after class and explain your concerns. Most teachers want you to do well in their classes. They will work with you. I remember having issues with classes. I spoke to my instructors and got help. Teachers love knowing what is going on in your head.

The food in the cafeteria sucks? Pack a lunch. By the time I got to senior year, I packed every day. I hated the “dog food” as we called the beefaroni. It was horrible. Hoagies had cheap lunch meat and a couple shriveled slices of tomato. Not worth paying for, so I packed real food.

There are always answers that will resolve your problems and keep you from spending the rest of your life in jail. Trust me. It’s all good.

I am seeking advertising to keep my blog free

Advertising makes the world go around. I need it in order to keep my page free. I promised you I wouldn’t charge, and I meant it. If someday, I would decide, to write a book, I might advertise it on here. But I need advertising to pay my bills. I need a specific number of readers, so tell your friends.

My goal is to advertise, but not get on your nerves. You guys know that every 10 minutes so you see an ad on your television screen. You switch the channel or pick that moment to leave the room. But you ignore the ad because you don’t want to buy anything. I totally understand your feelings on that. I’m the same way. But, advertising serves a glorious purpose. It makes you aware of products that you may need at some point. I am wearing Calvin Klein jeans. I’m not wearing that brand because I’ve never heard of them. I’m wearing them because I believe they are a quality brand of jeans due to their advertising.

So advertising serves a purpose. It helps keep us informed, whether we like it or not. Many/most web sites use it so they don’t have to create and sell products. I read articles from for entertainment and education purposes. For those of you who have never visited the site, take a peek. You may just enjoy the articles. But be aware of the fact that they have a lot of advertising on their page. My goal is to not have that much advertising. I don’t want my readers inundated with ads so that they have to wonder why I need to overload my blog.

I have to eat, too. Advertising on Facebook costs money. Internet services cost money. My page costs me a few dollars each month to keep open. Security costs money, as well. You don’t want to pick up a virus on here, do you? So advertising serves a purpose.

Joy is sometimes a challenge

Join me in the happiness challenge so you can have more joy. My goal is to be able to function like a normal person. Being stressed out most of the time is no fun. So, I was thankful to find this article on my Facebook page. I read it to my husband who said we should try it. Join me, won’t you?

If I can find ways to make you feel joy, yes, I will indeed share it with you.

If the link does not work, please let me know. I have been working on it for awhile now. I will make it work for you.

Essentially, the challenge is to do each thing on the list daily and after 30 days, you should feel more joy.

Please remember something. You cannot buy happiness. You have to find it yourself. I know plenty of rich people who are not happy.

Happiness is a feeling, like love, but not like love. It’s waking up in the morning and thinking I am happy. One bad thing cannot stop you from being happy. Happy people view things going wrong as a small challenge to get through. We all have small challenges. If we’re not happy, we cannot blame others. Only we are responsible for our own happiness.

Having faith in our creator helps make us happy. Living with happy people helps, too. But being happy is entirely up to us. There are no happy pills or happy drinks that magically make us happy. Only us. Liking yourself helps a lot. Liking your choices helps, too.

If the challenge doesn’t work for you, make some other changes. Start by telling yourself that you need to be happy with you. If you lie and tell others you are happy, that didn’t make you happy. So stop lying. Determine that tomorrow will be a good day no matter what goes wrong. Lots of things go wrong, but remember, you will be happy because you decided to be happy. This is the real happiness challenge!

How does your brain work? Is it wired to handle difficulties?

Do you know how your brain works? I did a little research because I was curious.

I brought http://veroniquemead./sns.php to you There is a chart which explains what happens to your sympathetic brain when you go into shock. Your brain processes the shock and while this is happening, everything else slows down while it sorts it all out. That is my understanding.

Your brain is the computer for your whole body. It operates the your nerve center. Your nerve center functions like an electrical panel. If you are feeling pain, it flips a switch to adjust the level of pain. When you are stressed out, it turns a few things off, so the circuit won’t overload.

If my brain isn’t working right, a brain programmer (neurologist or a psychologist) must be called in. Their job is to get the brain working correctly. I remember when I injured my neck. The injury was at the base of the spinal column. There was tingling everywhere. My head spun. The hospital ran a few tests and concluded that I had had a stroke. I was then sent to a neurologist. He ran an MRI and determined that I had herniated 3 discs in my spine. The stroke had not been an issue because it had occurred so long ago, but the herniated discs were. My discs were pressing against my nerves, thus causing the tingling. It was sort of like a short in the system.

After my accident, I was referred to a therapist who had me talk about the accident. Ever get tired of talking about something? I sure did. Then a psychiatrist wrote me out some pills to help block the signals that were causing my anxiety attacks. I still get them. While not as often or as severe, I get a few.

Doing the research helped me understand why my brain wasn’t functioning correctly. Someday it will. Talking it out definitely helps. Blocking the overload with the medications helps quite a bit, as well. I’m told time is my best friend. Eventually my brain will sort out everything that occurred the day of the accident. I am thankful for the little things and the big things as I heal.

Yesterday is Over and Done With. Today is the Most Important Day

Yesterday I worked on linking my blog to my Facebook page. It didn’t work. Today I did it!

Tomorrow I will probably spend my day working on taxes, but today, I did something really important to help grow my business. I linked my work to my Facebook page. Now you can visit today, tomorrow, and every day. When today ends, I will have a great deal to do tomorrow.

Every day you wake up, likely you say to yourself, I don’t want to. Elizabeth Taylor told us to do it anyway. If you don’t do anything today, tomorrow you’ll have that much more to do. So make today an important day. You don’t need need to dive out of bed, but get out of bed with a purpose.

Yesterday is long gone. Today is short. It’s only 24 hours long. Before you know it today becomes yesterday.

We all tell ourselves that we should have done that yesterday, so why didn’t we? I know why. Because we’ll do it tomorrow. That’s what we tell ourselves. But then tomorrow arrives and we put it off. Trust me when I say this. Tomorrow never comes. Do it today. Live today. Love it. Give yourself the reward of having it done.

The Beatles say a song called Yesterday. The words were something like Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Roy Clark sang Yesterday when I was young. We were all young yesterday. Finally, John Michael Montgomery sang Time Flies. The song compares the clock to the years. I understand it completely. I’m 52. I clearly recall things that are long since over. I miss some of them. I mostly miss the times when things were easier and fun. But, that time passes. We must move on to today, and after that, tomorrow.

If you’re young, you say to yourself I’ve got plenty of time. As you age, you think to yourself where did the time go. Do as much as you can today. Make it the most important day of your life. Live it and love it.

I am not your Preacher. Just call me a friend.

Many of you need a friend. What is a real friend? Someone who takes your side all of the time? No. A friend is someone who pushes you to do your best. Someone who tells you not to quit. That is me.

I am there for you. Log onto my page and be reassured that everything I say is to encourage you not to give up. If you’re ready to quit, you either need to encourage yourself or have a friend encourage you.

Many of us don’t believe in ourselves anymore, so when trouble strikes, we determine we’re not good enough. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. I remember having a boyfriend who called me a loser. The only losers are the ones who give up. God gave each of us skills. What we do with those skills is up to us. In the Bible, He calls them talents. My husband calls his talents talents on loan from God.

Please remember to be thankful for those talents. They are your gifts. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are a loser. You’re not unless you quit. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to quit. Some of them I did. Others, I kept driving through. This website is not going anywhere. I have decided that I need to help others. I really do enjoy encouraging others. There’s something wonderful about helping someone reach a goal.

I’ve spent much of my life trying to figure out what my greatest blessing was. The day the girl died, I needed a blessing to drive me forward. Then someone thanked me for my thankfulness posts that I put on my page. All of a sudden it hit me. My talent is encouraging others to keep going. One rule of life is don’t quit. I will repeat that and repeat that until you get sick of it because that’s what a friend does.

Welcome to my site new visitors!

I am thrilled you came to my site…Welcome! Tell me why you stopped in. Talk to me. I went to the school of life and learned a great deal about challenges just by attending life school. My training is experience. I know that we all face challenges. I’ve come to death’s door, and walked away from it. I’ve lost jobs. I’ve lost family members and pets, and I’ve even taken a life. That wasn’t my choice, and it was hard. It was her choice to be where she should not have been. We all make bad choices. Don’t hate yourself because you may have made a bad choice. Tell me why you think it was a bad one. Let’s talk about what is really bothering you. Call me your parent or best friend. I am a good listener.

Sit down, relax, and read what I have to say. You might just find that it is okay to be angry. You may find you need a good cry. We all do. Go ahead and cry. It cleanses the soul. You may find you don’t like me. Some people don’t want advise. I understand. I’d rather you hang out here than the mean streets. Okay, so leave, but visit me when you need someone to understand your pain.

You are always welcome back to read some more. Think about what I have to say. Life is hard, but there is so much that you can do to make your life better.

Maybe you’re depressed. I can understand that. Life is a super depressing place to be. Read my articles on coping. Don’t let your home fall apart. Inside you know that by not functioning, you are not improving anything for yourself. You know it, but you sit there and suffer. Take my advise. Get up and function. Just for a bit. Later on you can crawl back in bed, but sitting there and crying only hurts you more. I have articles that may just encourage you to live a bit. The one thing I want you to do is live. Then tell others they are welcome here, as well. Spread the word as you sing the praises of life.

Challenges occur constantly. Let me assure you of that. But when we run away from them, they win. Don’t let them win. Fight back in your own way. Read a bit and get to know my site and my logic. Then take the cure and take a step by step road to returning to the tough world. Maybe you’ll find it’s tough, but you can’t hide from it forever. We all need a vacation, but we can’t live there hiding from the world. They’ll miss us. Exit from your hideaway after you read my work. Let me know if it’s helping.

Life is too good to hide. If you have clean water, you have more than many. If you have a roof over your head, you’re doing well. If you have food, you’re doing better than half the world. Trust me when I say it’s all good.

Let’s throw a Parade for Football and Baseball and remember the Pope visited

When I was a little girl, a parade was a big deal for me. That was 1976, the United States’ 200th anniversary; therefore, every town held a parade. I remember the excitement of seeing friends on floats. Sunday was the Super Bowl, and, as most of you know, the Philadelphia Eagles won. Today, February 8, 2018 was the parade for the players and the city. My husband, who just happens to work for the city, had the day off like most of the cities’ workers. We did not attend the parade, but it was all over Facebook.

Last year when the Pope visited Philadelphia, outside transportation was curtailed. You were lucky if you got into the city to see him. Today, the crowds were that intense that you were lucky if you got a chance to see the parade. The best spot was on the television set. Even now, hours later, traffic is still exiting the city from the morning’s excitement.

I was talking to a nun today who said she was happy they won, and she was happy the Pope visited. She watched bits and pieces of it on the news, but saw the Pope in person. We all have our priorities.

When the Phillies won the World Series, trains were unable to stop at all of the stations because one stop would fill them. As I understand, even though it is mind boggling to even picture, the crowds were bigger for the Eagles simply because this is the first time they won the Super Bowl. The residents of the city and suburbs were very excited.

You probably heard about the destruction after the game. I’m surprised that such a big deal was made about it, considering it is normal behavior for fans from the home team to flip out when their team wins. I also understand that New Englanders reacted violently when their team lost. Yes, it was an exciting game, and the fans were on the edge of their seats during the whole game. Fans love their sports. As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge football fan, but it was nice seeing the Eagles win this year. Fly Eagles Fly is everywhere in Pennsylvania. I might just buy a team jacket. Why because Fly Eagles Fly! I’m a proud (sort of) fan.

Why didn’t I attend? Like I said, the best place to watch it was on television and my husband was glad to have the day off. The media called the Eagles underdogs. They are no longer underdogs. They beat a winning team. There is no shame for the Patriots. They won 6 Super Bowls! That’s nothing to poo poo.

Overall, I love a parade, but not huge crowds.