Pet hotels are more expensive than kennels, but so worth it

Pet hotels may seem pricey, but your pet deserves a proper vacation, too. Luci, our Italian Mastiff, has fear issues. Each place we have housed her indicated that she was a challenge. She’d hide in her kennel and growl if anyone came close. The pet hotel spent the time to get to know her. They gave her toys and treats while she was there. She missed us, but they tell me that she was a joy to have.

The pet hotel she stayed at was in PetSmart in Lancaster, PA. They walked her twice a day. (She loves walks). They visited with her, played with her, and generally got to know her.

We decided to extend our vacation an extra day, which was great for her. I called them and they said that was fine. The next day when we got her, she gave us her usual ‘is it really you?’ look. Once it was confirmed, she ran to us and gave us both hugs. Yes, she does hug us. She jumps up, and wraps her paws around our necks. Of course, she licks us, as well.

On our way out to the car, she passed another dog and they sniffed each other. Silent communication is normal for dogs. Her stubby of a tail was wagging the whole way.

Got some place better than a pet hotel? Let me know. I’ll wait for word about it. In the meantime, spoil your pet with hugs. They deserve it.

Anniversaries and weddings are things to celebrate

Anniversaries are to be celebrated because they are proof that weddings weren’t just beautiful events. We celebrated ours 27 times, and we got married in front of the Justice of the Peace.

We went on a cruise on the Spirit of Baltimore for the last one. We dressed nicely, left in plenty of time, got stuck in numerous traffic jams, finally found a parking space, and ran for the ship because we we’re late. When we got on the ship, the girl took our picture. The captain had held the ship. I truly appreciate that. The staff of the ship had decorated our table with hearts designed with rose petals.

While on the cruise, we met a couple who got married on the boat. She ordered all the dresses from Amazon. You know I love Amazon, so this gave me one more reason to love them. We missed their wedding like we have missed many weddings, but we saw them celebrating. Weddings truly are celebrations. I told them to stay together so they can celebrate many anniversaries.

If you’re going to get married, work together so you can have anniversaries. I can’t say this enough. The longer you stay married, the better the marriage is. Trust me when I say this, anniversaries are better than ever years after you get married, especially when you’ve walked through the hard times together.

I have two friends whose wives left them because the hard times got too hard. I don’t know what that means. My husband had cancer removed two times. I survived several strokes. My husband is currently coping with addiction. He’s winning, but the battle is hard. Satan wants you to fail. He wanted Job to fail. Job and God won. My husband and I will win. Satan will lose. Stand together. Stand strong and let Satan lose, so you can celebrate the beauty of each other and the fact that you’re still together.

I’m not critical of weddings. They’re beautiful events. Just do me this small favor. Make that day something you’re thankful for. It’s ever so worth it.

When we celebrate our anniversaries, we’re celebrating our marriage… especially the strength of it. Let that be the reason you stay together, if nothing else.

Things I love, including Amazon

Things couldn’t be better in my life! Amazon is my sponsor for this blog, they carry everything I want that I can’t find elsewhere. I interviewed this week with Morgan Stanley. My prospects, thus far, look good.

Stash is where I have money going for retirement. No,that’s not my only retirement fund. I have other sources, as well.

Presque Isle State Park. It’s out near Erie. We go camping out there occasionally. The water is perfect for swimming. The beaches are generally clean. The crowds tend to be small. It’s just a fun place to go to relax.

My vet. The place actually has several vets. Black Horse Animal hospital does major and minor surgery, boards pets, provides urgent and standard medical care. My Luci is still nervous when we leave her to go on vacation, but she is slowly getting used to the people who care for her there. They’re in Gap, PA which isn’t too far from Coatesville.

Gardening. I love growing my own food. Whether or not it’s cheaper isn’t the point. The point is to get outside and enjoy the day as well as the satisfaction of eating something I grew myself. The things I grow are always fresh. There’s that, too.

Township. It’s a video game I play that helps me destress. There isn’t a thing I dislike about the game.

Exercise. I enjoy the results mostly. Some of the exercises help to destress me, as well.

These are just a few of my favorite things. Yes, I stole that line. Oh, well.

What things do you like? Comment and then click a link I have shared in previous articles over to Amazon. You don’t have to buy the item you click on, but visit the site. Enjoy!

Exercise is so good for you!

Exercise helps the heart. It keeps you feeling younger and looking younger.

I found on Facebook. I was dubious. She says she is celebrity trainer. She says she can help you feel and look better in 7 minutes daily. Prove it! She sent me a one minute ab workout that made a huge difference! My abs show great improvement in one week!

Her name is Meredith Shirk. She apparently lives on the beach. She presents her exercise program in her front yard or on the beach, depending which video you watch. I’ve grown to enjoy watching her. She is younger than me, but my body is transforming into that of a younger woman. My abs are tighter than ever before. I am liking the woman I am transforming into by following her exercise program.

She has a Facebook page. You can find her there. Go visit her. You won’t regret it.

Devil Made Me Do It

Devil of an idea hit me the other day. If I can pay my debts off soon, I will be able to free up cash and start a loan agency. My rates will be much lower which will force banks to lower their rates. Would the devil hate me for doing so? Would he stand in my way? Of course he would!

The devil knows he can win if we lose. The week before last I fell over a bucket. I banged my head against a wall and sprained my ankle. The sprain is keeping me from working. My job has me walking for miles around a warehouse. Each step is hard on my ankle. My doctor has me babying my ankle. So my house is a mess. A huge mess. Today I washed dishes and stuck laundry in the washer. I’m not going to let the devil win this battle. I will pay my debts off and win my battle against the devil.

Right now I’m patiently waiting for my doctor to call with the results of the x-rays taken Friday. At the soonest, I will be back to work tomorrow.

Stress stresses me and I’m battling it.

Stress is that feeling that you are overwhelmed…Usually. For me, overstressed is an anxiety attack. I’ve been known to walk in circles, hyperventilate, chew my nails, walk away from the stressor, and more. Sometimes I start swearing or throw things. Rarely do I cry. Crying estranged me on the day of my accident.

On my webpage, I see people who are misinformed and angry. They want to yell, but don’t know who to yell at, so they yell at me. I’m a nice person, but like everyone else, I’m not going to lay down and die, especially when you’re uninformed about the topic at hand.

It makes me sad that people are so poorly informed. I’m not a teacher, but I know my topic. I know those people who want us to fear also don’t want us to know the truth. So here’s my suggestion to everyone of you. Find out what you are afraid of and study everything you can about it. I’m afraid of heights. I found out why. Now I’m not comfortable with them, but Im not as terrified.

When we educate ourselves on those items we fear, we control them and others cannot terrify us. We become calmer. No longer can idiots rules us. Empowering yourself is a great thing. Please remember that. That way your lack of knowledge won’t stress me out.

Germs are Everywhere, but I don’t care

Germs were here before I got here and will be here when I leave. For that very reason, I am unafraid of them. In order to make it to 52, I had to develop a relationship with them. First of all, I had to make them understand that I was their enemy. They clarified my position by immediately letting me know that their job was to make me sick, so, in turn, I brought out my big guns and killed as many of them as I could.

Science now tells me I have to make friends with them. Really? I have had plenty of colds and flus and know what they can do. They tell me not to worry about killing them. I must develop an immunity to germs. Ha! Right? So now I must go eat mud pies? No. Been there. Done that. Gross then. Gross now.

I’m okay with the thought of a few rat hairs in my peanut butter, but munching down on filth is not appealing to me in the least. So, science, how much dirt must I ingest to win the war against germs? An occasional plop of food on my kitchen floor is now edible? The 5 second rule is now true? What? Please, help me, science. I’m afraid of the little buggers. I was raised to view germs as my enemies.

I go so far as to use hydrogen peroxide in my dish water and my laundry because it is such a great germ killer. I clean my floor with it, as well. Pesky germs, take that! Science says my house is too clean. I must stop thinking I can control the existence of germs. When I leave my germ free home, I walk into the real world where others aren’t as OCD as I am. Okay, so this makes sense, but I like my house being my private hideaway from germs.

They tell me hospitals are the most germ filled places out there. That’s one more reason for me to avoid those places! No germs for me, I say. Science says I’m being ridiculous. Germs will get me one way or another, so I need to chill out on them. Stop fighting them! You’ll lose, they say!

I’ve spent some time considering their arguments and then it hit me. I’m still alive at 52, despite these killers and that’s something to be thankful for.

Camping out is so much fun!

Camping is something my family never did. I did manage to go camping with a church youth group when I was in my early teens to Ocean City, Maryland and discovered the pure pleasure of roasting hot dogs on an open flame. It was fun. We spent much of our time on the beach. Some of us got great tans. Others got sunburns.

My husband and his family went camping for most of their vacations. They did it mostly to save money, but the stories they had to tell were amazing. I remember one story they tell about camping in Maine or Canada. A fellow camper was feeding marshmallows to bears. The problem with doing this is that the guy only had so many marshmallows. A bear is like the rest of us. It has a sweet tooth. When the supply runs out, that camper is bear food.

My husband and I went camping just above Wilkes-Barre. A friend of mine plays banjo in a bluegrass band. I had been wanting to see him play for quite some time. He just moved to British Colombia, Canada. I determined that was too long of a drive for me to see him, so I asked him when his band was coming to Pennsylvania. So, he sent me a link for the NEPA Bluegrass Festival. I was excited, so we prepared and went to the festival.

It rained half the time, but that was mostly at night. Our tent has a nice cover on it, so very little water got inside. We camped next to a lovely creek. We had intended to swim in it, but the rain meant the water was high.

My friend, Jeff Scroggins, has been playing banjo for about 36 years. He’s pretty good now. He has a band…Colorado. His lead singer has an amazing voice. It’s not that high pitched wail, but he holds his own quite well. Jeff’s son, Tristan, plays mandolin. Ellie plays the fiddle. She and Tristan trade jibes on the stage. She is an exceptional singer, as well. The festival lasted from May 31-June 3. We packed it all in on Sunday morning. We didn’t want to go home, but we were ready to go back to a normal life. Camping is fun, but fun is something that cannot last forever.

Mistakes we make were meant to be made so that we would learn from them

Mistakes are how we learn. If we didn’t make them, we wouldn’t learn from them. Not always are they mistakes we want to admit to making, but we must make them in order to learn and boy, oh, boy, have I learned a lot in my life from making mistakes! I remember my mom saying why do you have to learn the hard way? I said that’s the only way. It’s true isn’t it? We remember the lesson better when we learn it the hard way.

In creating this blog, I have made endless mistakes. To start with, I had no idea how to link this to Facebook. The gentleman who attempted to help me had no idea, as well. He was older than I am, and vaguely recalled using WordPress. So, I Googled and Googled and Googled until my head spun. Literally every person who had a tutorial did it completely differently. I was ready to pull my hair out. Then along came a young man who definitely had a clue what he was doing. He had his own style which worked. I stood there in awe watching him saying to myself why oh why didn’t anyone else create a tutorial as simple as this. I thanked him profusely for his help. It took him all of 5 minutes to do what had taken me weeks. Yes, I learned from all of my mistakes (there were many of them).

Putting an image on my blog was interesting, too. You know…a picture. Again, easier than anyone had demonstrated on Google/YouTube. Oh my! I felt so old watching him whipping around that computer.

Making my website prettier will take awhile. Don’t worry. Some nice young man will help me. I appreciate their help because I have made oh so many mistakes while working on this site.

Advertising is also a challenge sometimes. But my ads happen because someone else has a clue. We have to admit our mistakes. Trust me. It is so much easier to admit them then to spin our proverbial wheels in one place. Since I have anxiety, knowing someone has a clue really does makes such a difference. Have a great day and make lots of mistakes.

Raining in my heart and my basement

Raining when I was a kid meant staying inside. Like most kids, I hated that. As an adult, it means my garden gets watered and my hips hurt. It also means my well is full. That is so important to me. I need water to wash my dishes, myself, and my clothes. I need it to drink and cook with.

Raining also means flooding. I remember 1972. Agnes wasn’t technically a hurricane. She was 3 storms that stopped over the Eastern corner of the US from PA to Virginia. Beyond that I’m not sure if New York or Ohio got hit, but I’ve seen photos from PA to Virginia of the flooding. I remember the bridge from Shamokin Dam, PA to Sunbury, PA being underwater. That picture will never leave my head. I also remember people pulling together to clean up the mess. I remember my family getting in the car and coming down the mountain to see just how bad the flooding was. We lived on a mountain, obviously. We parked the car and got closer to get a better look at all of the damage.

Today it is raining. We are expecting several more days of this. I understand there is an issue in the Gulf of Mexico that is causing this. For now we wait for it to stop raining. We live on a hill. Hills are truly a blessing.

Sump pumps suck water up. They’re beautiful things. When we first moved into our house, the water was about 8 inches deep. Fortunately it had a sump pump. In a few hours that water was gone.

In the years since, we replaced our sump pump because it wore out. We redirected the water that entered our basement elsewhere. Today that water level in our basement is minimal. There are so many things that we count as blessings today. I hope you have many, as well.