Friday is just a day away already…whew

Friday is a very busy day for me since I run errands all day. This Friday will be especially busy because we are going to the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market in Ephrata. We have brand new phones and want to get cases to protect them. There is a guy (several, actually) who sells cases. The prices are good and the cases are attractive. He’s pretty nice and is good at eyeballing our phones to fit his cases.

Before that I will go to the farmer to buy our milk and eggs. She has great bread prices for whole grain goodness. I love to buy Arnold’s bread which she usually has. She has a few dogs who dive bomb me when I get out of the car. They are golden retrievers and friendly. There’s a little store that sells vinegar, which I use for everything, at a great price. Then there is Costco. The Costco I go to is very busy. We switched to this one because they have everything. Their prices are slightly better than the former Costco we visited. I have to get to know the staff. That may take a little while because the place is that big. Friday isn’t half as busy as Saturday, so I make it part of my errands.

I also visit Aldis. They have solar lights which I am putting on my walkway. at 4:30 in the morning, my back yard is quite dark. The lights will help to see where I am going.

We will probably get sandwiches while we are at the Farmer’s Market, along with fresh produce.

Friday shows up quickly for me. This week I filed the last of our taxes and set up our phones. That was a lot, if you ask me. In a month, the refunds will arrive. How many Fridays is that? About 4.

Good Health is where it’s at!

My health is improving thanks to a few changes I made over these past few months. I didn’t join a gym. I didn’t make extreme dietary changes. So, how did I do it?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were out to dinner and met an 89 year old man and his 69 year old sister. He was in a wheelchair and his sister was caring for him. They were entertaining. He had done so much in his life including serving in the military, welding (best in the company), running a business! Just imagine making it to 89 years old! The stories you could tell! How exciting! But that won’t happen with today’s lifestyles. Changes need to be made…not many…just a few.

We had already been on a diet. We were cutting out the junk food. You know what that is…cakes, cookies, hot dogs, soda, chips, fast food, and so on. We were pleased with our shrinking waist lines. We had also made a decision to take more walks. His cholesterol is dropping, as well as his blood pressure. We drink more water. We feel better. Will we make it to 89? Who knows, but we will look good on our trip there.

Are we suffering? Are we missing the junk food? No we are not. We love the new lifestyle. We have a little junk food every now and then. But, donuts don’t taste good anymore. Sodas taste like sugar water.

My husband’s grandmother made it to 99! Now that’s a goal! There are many great examples of people who aged gracefully. We find them daily. The dog loves our walks. She appreciates our attention.

We occasionally have an alcoholic drink. We feel no need to get drunk. Life really is that good. Oh, and my grocery bill? It dropped significantly. Cookies and soda really run up the grocery bill.

A Birthday is the Best Day to Celebrate

My husband’s 54th birthday is tomorrow. For his birthday, he wanted a trout stamp. He has a 5 year fishing license which I got him for his birthday a few years ago. He wanted a trout stamp (extra) which allows him to fish for trout. Sunday he went out fishing and had no luck. Tomorrow, on his birthday, before we go out to dinner for his free meal, he wants to go fishing for trout again. That’s why I bought him the stamp.

Most years he has to debate on he wants as a gift. Lately he is getting more decisive about it. He hated his 50th birthday. He was sure he was old. Then someone gave us free concert tickets. All of a sudden, 50 wasn’t too bad. I hated him the week before his birthday, simply because he was grumpy every day. Then my friend said she had extra tickets to this concert. She told me to take him with me to the show. It was Darius Rucker, and we had a blast.

The other gift I got him this year was a new phone. He is pretty much excited about that, too. Anything is better than his old one. This one is a Moto4. It is not a generic phone made to function like a Moto4, but a real Moto4. We will activate them tomorrow. Then we can play.

Mine comes up in July. I’ll be 53. 53 seems so old right now, but the alternative is death, so I’ll take it. I’ll get a free meal too. We go to Yoder’s Buffet in Lancaster County. They offer free birthday meals. The food is good. Customer service is outstanding. I’m not sure what is on the buffet…steak, maybe? Cake is the most important thing and they have plenty of that! It’s a good thing they offer the free meals. We love them, anyhow, but the free meals give us more reasons to go!

Do you hate Mondays? Why?

Mondays are great days! Trust me when I say this. They are the first day at work for most people after the weekend. They are the time we get to start over. They are why we look forward to Friday. They are when lines in stores are the shortest. Today I went to Costco and resolved a few matters. The warehouse was pretty quiet, overall, so I was able to get a lot done!

Today is the day we are switching from Straight Talk to Republic Wireless. Beautiful new phones and much more affordable service! Doesn’t that rock! It sure rocks my world!

Today I also placed my first Amazon ad for a book. Go check it out! Buy one while you’re about it! You might just like it!

I bought a passenger side wiper at Costco. My old one was torn. Tonight my husband will install it and I will be safe once more!

So what is so bad about Mondays? Is it your attitude that gives you the don’t wannas? Or is Monday just that bad?

Tuesday has been called Monday’s ugly twin sister. I always laugh when I hear that. For me, it is one day closer to Friday. That’s not so bad now, is it? The day after Tuesday is Wednesday…half way through the week!

Thursday everyone I know gets excited because Friday is a day away. Fridays, for me, are the worst days. They are the day everything must be completed before the weekend. No one really wants to be at work because tomorrow is Saturday! Yay, Saturday!

No, for me Mondays are the best days. Sunday is the day before Monday. It is a day of rest. It is family time! It is God’s time, according to some faiths, others give God Saturday. It doesn’t matter which day you choose, but give it to God. He earned it and stop complaining about Mondays.

Accomplishments today…pride busts me to pieces

My accomplishments today include sending out our taxes, finishing a load of laundry, washing dishes, catching up on my email, and taking recycling out to the curb. How is that for accomplishments?

Lists help me reach these goals. My taxes didn’t complete themselves. I worked on them until I completed them. My laundry didn’t organize itself and take a bath, nor did my dishes. I have goals to complete one load of laundry a day and not to leave the house until the dishes are done.

What do you want to accomplish tomorrow? Write it down and work on it. I made a goal of decluttering 5,000 items from my home. I am now up to 2,300 items gone. Next week, I will declutter my attic. There’s plenty of stuff up there to get rid of. One year I decluttered over 1,000 items from my attic. What remained, I placed in containers. Slowly, I am whittling away at those containers.

Our goal is to move to Kentucky. When we move, we plan to take all that is left and not a thing more. So, in the long run, we are preparing to move there. Our greatest accomplishment will be to make moving easier. This website will help to purchase the land that we wish to own, so every time I post on here, I have accomplished something.

Oh what a feeling it is to accomplish something. What better feeling is there than to unload a burden that  you are carrying? None that I can think of, so work on accomplishing things so you, too, have a list of accomplishments! Join me in the fun of getting things done!

If your goal is to complete your taxes, get your documentation together and put it all in a folder and get to work. If catching your laundry up is the goal, sort it and wash it. One load a day accomplishes so much!



It’s All Too Complicated; I just don’t understand

What is the meaning of complicated? Is it a fear of something? Is it that we just don’t understand why things are the way they are? What causes it to be complicated? Is it that the rules are too difficult?

Before we can understand any of it, we have to understand why. Technology has come along and left many of us scratching our heads. It can cause us to pull your hair out. Taxes are complicated because our leaders keep changing the forms. So, we have paid accountants who also sometimes struggle to understand the new tax laws. Sometimes some of it makes sense. You dance a little, and then the complications return and you say to yourself, I just cannot cope.

In order to make  everything less complicated, sometimes we have to walk away and seek out a new perspective. Sometimes we just have to ask questions. Sometimes we can read the instructions which are also complicated.

I hear people from my generation saying why is it all so complicated? Why can’t things be like they used to be? Life changes. Technology advances. A five year old sometimes understands technology better than the inventor. It is just so sad that children understand technology better than we who have degrees understand it.

My father understood cars before computers ran them. He could change an alternator and a regulator. Then they combined the alternator and the regulator. Now my mechanic has a little device he attaches to my battery that saves him hours of labor. I love that little device. I am so thankful that he has it. Because while it’s complicated to understand, it works in my favor. The hours of labor that my mechanic used to charge me for are no more. But, the cost per hour keeps going on up. Why? It’s complicated.

The forecast calling for snow, and we had rain. I was psyched!

The rain turned into a dusting of snow.  I am so over snow. Spring is here, I want April showers so I can have May flowers, but this morning it snowed a bit. I am okay with the rain. My garden needs it.

I posted about the rain and my friends all said they got snow. I guess they weren’t as thrilled with my weather. Accidents were happening. Tractor trailers couldn’t make it up mountains. The happiness of yesterday’s Easter celebration was rapidly fading.

I looked outside and saw my rain had changed to snow. No. Stop that! Go away! It’s Spring. By the end of the storm, we had a dusting. It was gone by the time I left my house. Welcome Spring! I want my flowers! I want my warm weather. Snow is a curse word this time of year.

The rain is gone and so is the snow.  It’s still chilly outside. But the good news is, the rest of the week is expected to be lovely, just like Easter was.

Our celebration was relaxing. We had lamb, little roasted potatoes, and salad. A fluffy fruit topped white cake finalized our lovely meal off. When the forecaster said snow, my brain said winter is over. Go away. It’s time for bunnies and flowers. Santa had his time. It’s over nowl

When I woke up, I became excited. There was rain, not snow. Yes! Spring has arrived! My husband said he saw the drops switching to snow flakes. No. I won’t accept that. I kissed him goodbye and drove home. The drops continued to look like rain to me. My driveway was wet, not white. It was rain. It had to be. Friends told me they had snow. I finally saw the dusting. I want about my business and then noticed it melting. Yay! The snow was over!




Can your bed Affect your Sleep?

Sleep is a requirement to life. I remember hearing about this guy who stayed awake for days on end. I believe he did it as a challenge. At any rate, he passed out after a few days and ended his challenge. Was he worse for wear? Of course he was. Sleep helps our bodies rejuvenate. Sleep helps us lose weight (believe it or not). Lack of it throws off our metabolism and keeps us from functioning at our best levels.

Some people tell me they prefer sleeping on the floor. It helps their backs. Whatever works for you is my motto.

I need a nice comfortable bed with soft pillows. My cat has been known to use me as a pillow. When we go on vacation I don’t sleep as well with him not being there. I guess I like his warm furry body snuggling on me.

I also need to write down my plans for the next day and prepare my stuff by placing it in my launch pad (cupboard I keep by my back door which holds my purse, keys, library books which must be returned, etc). Once all that is done, my tossing and turning is greatly limited.

My dishes need to be washed and my clothes must be laid out for the next day.

Each little thing I do helps me to sleep better. Then my life is good.

How many hours of sleep do I require?  When I was younger, I was fine with 7 hours. Now that I am older, I definitely need at least 8 hours of sleep. PTSD has been a challenge when it comes to my sleep. Thus, I am on medications which significantly control my anxiety. My diet helps, too. I cut all of the junk food out and now survive on good healthy grains and fruits and vegetables. No premade questionable foods in my house. No more McDonalds. No more coffee before bedtime. No  more boozing. An occasional drink killed no one, but overindulging definitely can. A quick drink before bed is not helpful. I used to drink half a glass of wine before bed. Yes, I did fall asleep…for an hour or so. Then I woke up and discovered falling back to sleep was harder than before.

Get your required rest and call me in the morning. You will feel better with  proper rest than with little or none. Clean the crap off and fluff your pillows. Now close your eyes.



Luci, my dog, is a Cane Corso

We got her when she was a puppy from a customer of the Philadelphia Housing Authority.  She was all legs when we brought her home.

She was terrified of the grass because it was something she had never seen. My husband placed her on it and her fear instantly dissolved. She still fears people, despite the fact that she has met many.

We believe her fear comes from a customer at PetSmart who would not leave us alone. She informed us that she was a dog expert but showed no indication of it when she grabbed Luci and continued insisting she was an expert. My husband and I were shocked that she actually conned herself into believing this. I was not going to tolerate her anymore and informed her that my dog was obviously terrified. Her eyes were as big as saucers. The woman finally relented and put Luci down. I think she knew she had pushed us way too far.

Luci has since shown proof that she no longer feels safe in PetSmart. This is a shame since most dogs love it there, but her memory of the psychotic customer remains strong. An employee attempted to help her calm down that day, but her stubby remained between her legs.

People who come up to her meet her wrath. Yes, dogs do remember crazy people and crazy incidents.

Cane Corso dogs are bred to guard.  She guards out of fear for herself, unfortunately. Boarding her is difficult for her. She sits in the corner of her cage shaking the whole time she is there. I’m told she is slowly getting better.

I have hope that she will find that humans are not her enemy someday. We took her for a walk in the park yesterday and she enjoyed herself. She was impressed by the horse and rider who rode through. The girl slowed down to talk and Luci did not bark. I believe that was a good sign. We believe that the more we walk with her, the less fear she will show. We also believe that we need to be more aware of impending people who are potential problems for her. In time she may learn to trust again.

We had another small dog whom she got along wonderfully with. The other dog passed away and she still misses him. The cat and the dog are slowly learning to get along. The cat is my boy and the dog is my husband’s. Luci seems to want my attention as my husband is away most of the time, but when he gets home, Dino shows herself in my dog.

Yes, I love my Cane Corso. She is my little girl.



Changes are Going On and On and On

Changes in my life have been rapid. Changes around me are occurring almost constantly. Technology is hard to keep up with. Learning how to manage this site has been challenging, but fun. In order to market it, I have been spending more time on Facebook than ever, also I have been educating myself about effective ways to control anxiety without drugs.

Anxiety is brought on by extreme changes many times. So, how do I control it? I do yoga, I read, I play video games, I clean, and I embrace modern technology. Each thing I do gets my mind off the thing that created my PTST. Helping others has probably been the most effective thus far.

I’m looking forward to Spring, so I can go on walks and increase my exercise substantially. My husband and I are looking forward to walking the dog on weekends in the local parks. She needs more of our attention. She has taken whining to extremes which make it hard to deal with her. Hugging her helps, as does petting her. I think she gets lonely and really wants us to focus on her. With life being as busy as it can be, she gets forgotten. She deserves better, so if this weekend is nice, maybe we will take her to the park and exercise all of us.

Helping others makes my anxiety fade away. That is a refreshing feeling. I feel almost normal once again. A friend told me that I would change and I wouldn’t recognize myself after a year or so, and I definitely can say that I have changed and I am truly thankful that I have.

Some days I feel like dancing endlessly because I feel like I have found what I was looking for my whole life. I’m home. It feels great!

I’m getting to know more people and finding out that I have a reason to be here. I am just in awe at the number of people who feel challenged by all that life has handed them. I am no longer alone! Just because others don’t have a PTSD diagnosis doesn’t mean that life is great. It just means that they haven’t been diagnosed.

Research is a huge way to learn, so I am reading and following many web sites which talk about anxiety. There is an incredible amount of knowledge out there and more to be learned. Keep your eyes pealed.

A few days ago, students walked out of their classrooms for 17 minutes to remember 17 teenagers who were shot to death. The strength the young people involved have shown regarding this incident is impressive. They are battling the status quo and making people pay attention. Congratulations to them! They are showing what people can do when they join to resolve issues. I am impressed.

Life continues and in some ways I fear further changes and in other ways, I am looking forward to what happens next. Let’s see.